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Yoni massage

Yoni massage is practised as part of the Tantra philosophy, one of the main branches of Buddhism that started to spread in around the 6th or 8th century. Tantrism can be translated as ‘all-encompassing wisdom’.

Tantra teachings describe states of awareness, yogic subtle bodies and guru lines which are to be seen as an entity. Other directions of Tantra include meditation, mantras, yoga and visualisation.

A yoni massage is mainly offered in Tantra parlours. However, professional, high-class massage establishments also specialise in this type of massage. The term yoni comes from Sanskrit and represents the female genitalia; the vulva, vagina and the uterus. This means that recipients of yoni massage are always female.

The treatment room is characterised by its pleasant atmosphere – burning candles and relaxing music combined with the scents of essential oils. The masseur (either male or female) undresses the recipient. Then they undress themselves. Undressing is a ritual act that makes both parties divest of both their status and their ordinariness.

Firstly the feet and legs are massaged. Then the hands and the back. The masseur works very slowly and carefully. The woman receiving the massage decides herself how far the masseur may go. Nothing is set in stone. Only the lady herself instructs what should be massaged and how. The main aim behind this feel-good massage is to experience one’s own physical feelings and discover one’s own sensibilities. The recipient is able to forget the stresses of everyday life for the duration of the massage and give herself up completely to herself and her sexual desire. It is possible to have profound, sensuous experiences that open new worlds of sensations. Sexual blockages can be removed, fears are put to rest and the woman goes on a sensual journey within herself.

The woman’s erogenous zones can be stimulated gently or vigorously. The vagina, G-spot and the labia are the focal points of the yoni massage and undergo sensuous stimulation. The recipient learns to be aware of her own feelings and needs.

During the full body massage, blocked chakras or energy fields, are cleared and the energy can flow again. According to Indian teachings, all seven chakras in the body are connected to each other. If one or more chakras are blocked, the energy is unable to flow correctly and the person can feel unwell. A yoni massage can help to rebalance the body’s energy fields and thus increase emotional perception and physical sensations.