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Yin-yang stroking massage

According to traditional Chinese medicine, two forces are at work in the body. These are yin and yang. Both forces are constantly trying to remain balanced. Yin stands for femininity, water, earth, the moon and darkness. This corresponds to the front of the body. For example, the chest is yin, a symbol of femininity.

In Chinese medicine yang stands for masculinity, fire, heaven, giving, sun and light. This corresponds to the back of the body. The strong back is masculine. Within the body the right-hand side is mainly yang, while the left-hand side is mainly yin. With a yin-yang massage it is possible to feel the relationship of the forces. Is there more yin or yang present? Or is there a deficiency of yin or yang? The aim of the yin-yang stroking massage is to create an energetic connection of both sides. The right side cannot exist without the left and the front belongs to the back. Only the two as a whole create one entity.

Only when yin and yang are balanced, can qi flow properly. Erotic yin-yang stroking massage allows tension and relaxation to be brought back in harmony. Problems with sexuality are often related to relaxation and tension. Those who can’t relax or who suffer from tension, generally have problems relating to erotic pleasure. With the help of a yin-yang massage, problems can be felt by touch and the balance can be realigned. There is nothing more enjoyable than gentle touch with the hands. It’s important that the recipient is completely engaged and relaxes deeply into the massage. The yin-yang massage determines which organs have too much or too little energy or where the energy is disrupted. The point of this stroking massage is to harmonise the energy flow so that the qi can flow freely throughout the whole body.

The body contains various energy channels or meridians and there are also various massage or acupressure points. With the fingertips and the flat of the hand, the masseur feels the individual meridians and the energy channels that connect to the individual organs. The hands stroke the entire body gently along the meridians. An experienced masseur will be able to feel the point where a blockage has to be released using stroking actions. Disharmony can also be cured with this gentle massage. The erotic massage is a form of gentle stimulation with just the fingers doing the stroking. In contrast to firm pressure being applied to the points, stroking is a sensuous form of yin-yang massage.