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Point of no return

Wellbeing Massage

In contrast to therapeutic bodywork, wellness massage does not seek to prevent or alleviate illness but aims to revitalise the client thoroughly. Although they are not primarily intended to be therapeutic, wellness massages can serve as a means to treat and prevent illness.

Whether a distinction between massage as therapeutic bodywork and massage as a spa treatment actually makes sense is debatable. Any massage that has been carried out correctly ultimately has a beneficial effect and thus helps to bring about some healing. Massage has been practised as a healing method for more than 2000 years. Even though the question whether it would serve a clinical or non-clinical purpose never arose, massage has always been used to revitalise body and mind. In ancient Rome, gladiators were massaged to relax their muscles. In China and India, people have used massage to affect their energy balance in a positive way.

The aim of wellness massage is overall relaxation. Resolving emotional and physical tensions is its main purpose. It stimulates circulation and improves blood flow, and knotted muscles are loosened. In a broad sense, these are therapeutic benefits as these processes improve the overall condition of the client. In a stricter sense, the effects of a massage can not be associated with the medical field because usually no medical systems are involved. A wellness massage is meant to promote well-being and relaxation. Any other possible positive consequences are pleasant side effects. Who would benefit from wellness massage? Anyone who is searching for a gentle way to relax will benefit from a wellness massage. Many people do not even notice just how tense they are and how hardened their muscles have become. They only start thinking about it when their body uses pain to draw attention to itself and they wonder why they suffer with backache or problems in the neck and shoulder area. These difficulties are mostly due to unhealthy movement patterns or emotional tension. It does not really matter what caused their suffering, though, because wellness massages are holistic methods and restore calmness to body and mind. This calmness should be carried into everyday life as far as possible so that physical, psychological and emotional blockages can be recognised and resolved.

Pain is not always the indicator of extreme tension. Psychological problems such as anxiety, insomnia, irritability or lethargy can be also be evidence of excessive strain. The soothing effect of a massage on the body helps the mind to regain some serenity. Instead of reaching for painkillers or sleeping pills, which carry the risk of unwanted side effects or addiction, a visit to a spa is the perfect alternative for people with a conscious life style.

The deep-acting relaxation of a wellness massage is identical to that achieved in meditation. Letting go of fixed thought patterns is just one of the many psychological benefits of a massage. A massage can also bring about spiritual experiences. In Asian cultures, massages are an integral part of philosophical, religious and spiritual teaching. Wellness massage is the modern answer to modern problems that cannot be solved with even more rigidity, rigour or dogged determination but by letting go, and with sensitivity and commitme