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Vital points

In humans certain points are anatomically exposed on the surface of the body. This is where, according to Ayurveda, the three life forces, the doshas, are located. These special areas on the body are known as vital points or marma points. This is where muscles, veins, arteries, bones, joints, tendons and energy channels meet. There are around 108 classic vital points on the human body. Some points represent existential centres of energy. These are located on the heart or other organs, for example or on certain areas of the body such as between the eyebrows. With the use of special therapies it is possible to sensitively treat deeper levels within the energy system.

The six most important marma points, or vital points, are:

Adipathi: This vital point is located in the middle of the head and assists with mental health, reasoning powers and supports the nervous system. It can also help provide openness and clarity.

Stapani: This vital point is located between the eyebrows and is responsible for mental power and healthy nerves.

Hridaya: Translates as ‘heart’. This is the vital point between the breasts on the breastbone. It enables compassion and love.

Nabhi: A relatively large area around the navel. This vital point represents change.

Vasti: This marma point is located in the lower abdomen below the navel and is the most important vital point of the bladder. It represents the sense of honour, sympathy and sensibility.

Guda: This vital point is located around the anus. The digestive system is stimulated via this point.

The vital points can be stimulated using simple pressure and have an extremely direct effect on certain inner organs and a person’s energy flow. In acupuncture, acupressure and reflexology, this knowledge is used to stimulate the organs in a healthy and effective manner. For example, tissue and muscle is massaged using gentle stroking movements and light kneading. This improves the blood circulation which helps to relieve chronic tension.

Furthermore, it also makes it possible to use respectful, non-sexual touch all over the body including the erogenous zones. With this type of holistic massage not only is external tension released, but the ability to internally let go is encouraged. Erotic massage has a physically relaxing effect and is carried out using gentle massage techniques. The sexual tension is built up via the massage of the erogenous zones and through the thoughts and fantasies of the recipient. Intense stimuli can create new sexual perceptions.

Erotic massage leads to an increase in sensual pleasure. The vital points play a significant role in the choice of massage techniques.