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Taoist erotic massage

Taoist massage is based on the philosophy of Taoism and therefore concentrates not only on physical relaxation, but also on spiritual development. The aim is to bring body, spirit and soul into harmony with each other. Blocked energy is released on various physical levels of the body via Taoist energy work. This helps increase and improve the energy flow through the body, which is expressed in increased liveliness and joie de vivre. A special form of Tao massage is Taoist erotic massage.

The term ‘Taoist erotic massage’, or TEM for short, is the umbrella term for intimate massages for both men and women. These types of massages are also known as lingam massage (for men) and yoni massage (for women). By stimulating the genitals, the principle aim is to channel sexual arousal via conscious breathing and to prolong sensual pleasure with flowing massage strokes on areas of the body around the genitalia. Ideally the recipient will experience a whole new physical feeling and deep emotions that go far beyond erotic sensual pleasure. Deep inner contentment and the feeling of being at one with oneself and the world empower the recipient. Some reports talk about a cosmic erection and a deeper connection with one’s own body and its sexual potential.

The erotic aspect of TEM is pure passive nature. It’s all about the recipient enjoying the massage without having to give. In this way they can concentrate fully on what is happening in their own body.

The holistic aspect of Taoist erotic massage is best expressed in conjunction with a full body massage. Therefore, in practice, the erotic massage on the genitalia is usually the crowning glory of a relaxing full or partial body massage. The combination with other forms of massage serves mainly to release tension in the recipient and to open them for extended sensual pleasure. Gradually the genital area is included into the massage whereby breathing and massage rhythm play key roles in increasing sensual pleasure. Deep abdominal breathing assists with relaxation and makes the recipient more aware of their own body. The massage of the genitalia is interrupted again and again to concentrate on other parts of the body, thus bringing the recipient slowly to their orgasm threshold.

With a man, stimulation of the genital area involves massaging the prostate, the anus and the genitals. With a woman, the vagina, G-spot and the labia are massaged. Traditionally a TEM ends with a so-called breathing orgasm, also known as the Big Draw. Experiencing the Big Draw is different for every TEM recipient and can range from deep ecstasy through to multiple orgasms. In some cases a trance-like experience may occur. As a rule, the massage concludes according to the requirements and desires of the recipient. Both a gentle conclusion without an orgasm as well as stimulation up to the orgasm threshold, climaxing in an orgasm either with or without ejaculation may occur.