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Qi (also "Chi", Japanese "Ki", ​​Korean "Gi") is a central concept of Chinese culture and Taoism (also called "Taoism" - teaching the way), alongside Buddhism and Confucianism, the basic Chinese philosophy. The term has no direct correspondence in European thought and means an energy or power of being that pervades and flows through everything that exists, but also emanates from everything. Every thing has its own Qi and is permeated and influenced by the Qi of other things. In a world of ever-changing things, this power of being is an unchanging, constant quantity. In the German-speaking world, the word life energy has prevailed to explain the term.

Qi is not a physically measurable quantity but also an abstract conceptuality, but something that can be intuitively perceived and experienced. Particular importance is attached to qi for living organisms. The life energy of the sun and water helps the plants to grow, the Qi of the mother protects the child.

Through certain breathing techniques and movement exercises, humans can absorb the Qi from their environment and concentrate it in specific parts of the body. Thus it is possible for slender-looking kung-fu masters to punch through thick wooden boards, to break an iron bar by hitting the head, or to bend a spear whose point is placed in the pit below the throat. If you take these demonstrations with a thermal imaging camera, then in the corresponding body regions significant temperature increases. However, what happens exactly is not researched so far. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) regards Qi as a general life energy or spiritual energy. It is important for the health that it can flow through the body. Diseases are thought of as stoppages or interruptions of this river. The idea is that it flows through certain channels, the so-called meridians, through the body. These interconnections are assigned organs. The organs are not considered in isolation, but are connected with nerves, connective tissue, muscles and the psyche of the human being. So one can diagnose the most diverse illnesses for example by examination of the tongue, the eye or the pulse. The interconnects run slightly below the skin surface. For example, acupuncture can stimulate the flow of qi in the channels.

Of course, what is important for the health and well-being of a person also affects his sexuality in a special way. When people love, touch and massage, the Qi River between them is stimulated in a special way and leads to a mutual give and take. Especially through massages based on the Taoist worldview, such as Tantric massages or Taoist erotic massages, the massaged person can experience harmony and centering regarding body, soul and spirit.