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Prostate / male G spotQi

Prostate massage

This type of massage can be carried out for two different reasons. Medically it can be used for diagnostic purposes to obtain a secretion from the prostate which is then examined in a laboratory. In the case of chronic, bacterial prostatitis or an inflammation, it is used as a treatment to support antibiotic therapies.

As a sexual practice it serves mainly to arouse and increase pleasure. Located below the bladder, the prostate surrounds the initial part of the urethra up to the pelvis, therefore placing it in the erogenous zone of the genitals. Stimulating this area through massage is particularly pleasurable and arousing for a man.

Self-stimulation involves direct massage of the prostate by inserting the finger or a stick-like aid into the anus. Particularly in the area of BDSM, so-called ‘prostate milking’ is practised with the help of vibrators and probes. The passive partner should remain chaste and not experience an orgasm.

In tantric massage, prostate massage is carried out indirectly and with the aim of sexual stimulation and relaxation. Massaging the prostate is just a part of the massage session. Usually it is combined with other forms of massage to slowly and carefully increase a man’s pleasure. A motive for requesting this type of massage may be a man’s desire to experience an orgasm without the masseur touching his penis. Many men find this type of orgasm much more pleasurable than one achieved via sexual intercourse or penile stimulation.

Once a man has been aroused by the tender touch of a full or partial body massage, the masseur concentrates on the neighbouring zones of the genital area before moving on to the prostate massage. Thighs and pelvis are touched gently and sometimes kneaded vigorously. Gentle stroking and light shaking ensure that the area around the anus is ready to open and is relaxed in order to receive the intimate touches to the prostate.

The actual massage of the prostate is carried out from the perineum using a circular pressure. The recipient can lie on either their back or their front. The massage may result in an orgasm, but doesn’t have to. If an orgasm does occur, this can happen with or without ejaculation. If the latter occurs, injaculation is triggered by pressing the jen mo point allowing most men to experience an entirely new sensation of pleasure.

Medical studies prove that homosexual men are far less likely to contract prostate cancer due to regular stimulation of the anus.

Health risks or damaging side effects of prostate massage have yet to be discovered. The only reason not to practise prostate massage would be after a recent prostate operation. In such cases the wound should be allowed to heal completely first.