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The prostate in men is an accessory sex gland that partially creates semen. In humans it is located below the bladder and surrounds the initial part of the urethra. It is approximately the size of a chestnut and is a sub-peritoneal organ – located below the peritoneum. The prostate, including excretory ducts, is arranged in the urethra as an exocrine gland and comprises 30–50 individual glands which create a secretion and semen. As the vagina is acidic to protect it from infection, the secretions of the prostate have a pH value of 6.4 thus giving sperm a relatively high rate of survival.

The gland is supplied with blood via the pelvic arteries. Furthermore, a network of veins that empties into the inner pelvic veins is located at the base and the sides of the gland. Spermatozoon are produced in the prostate and are released on ejaculation. The hormone testosterone is also controlled by the prostate gland. The polyamine spermine is responsible for the mobility and fertilisation capability of sperm cells.

There are many ways of examining the prostate. Previously, the only way was via a rectal examination, but nowadays there are many imaging techniques such as computer tomography, ultrasound or elastography. As the prostate is prone to nodosity in old age, regular examinations are recommended from the age of forty.

The first description of the prostate in an anatomical context was written in 300 BCE by the Greek physician Herophilos. When corpses began to be dissected in the 16th century, more research was carried out into the prostate. The gland is often referred to as the male G-spot as stimulation by a partner, by the man himself or as part of an erotic prostate massage, is comparable to stimulation of the female G-spot. An orgasm achieved by a prostate massage differs significantly from a phallic orgasm and is usually described as being more intense. This can be compared to the difference between a vaginal orgasm and a clitoral orgasm in a woman. Prostate massage is a form of anal pleasure. The consistent increase of a man’s state of arousal works virtually as a catalyst for pleasure. As there are a large number of nerves located in the prostate, stimulation of this gland results in an intense climax. Physicians recommend regular prostate massage as the climax leads to better blood circulation which has a positive effect on health. From a Taoist view point, these sorts of massages have been preserving virility for centuries.