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Point of no return

As a general term this simply means the moment during a process where it is no longer possible to return to the beginning. In this context, it is the point where it is no longer possible to hinder or draw out an orgasm by cutting short the stimulation.

In the field of sexology the term is referred to as the orgasm threshold.

During a man’s four arousal phases – arousal phase, plateau phase, orgasm and relaxation – the point of no return comes between the plateau phase and the orgasm. During the plateau phase, the pulse and blood flow increase dramatically. The testicles and the glans swell and a man will react very sensitively to touch during this phase. Stimulation of the genitals leads to a strong increase of pleasure. If the arousal intensity goes beyond the orgasm threshold, climax will inevitably occur even if the stimulation is halted. The length of the plateau phase is different for each individual, meaning that some reach the point of no return quicker than others.

With a little practise, all men can control the unique feeling of impending orgasm and the moment of sexual climax. This requires observation of the individual arousal phases. Experienced Taoist masseurs can also sense the flow of energy in a man. By using various methods and massage techniques they can significantly delay the point of no return. This involves spreading the sexual arousal throughout the entire body using flowing massage strokes and channelling it through the interplay of massage rhythms and breathing. Particularly with tantric massages, the masseur creates a feel-good interplay by synchronising the arousal and the deep-relaxation brought about by the massage. This allows both men and women to learn the reactions of their own bodies and give themselves up fully to the erotic pleasure.

An erotic massage in a relaxed atmosphere provides an intense and sensuous way to passively experience the point of no return.

After gently stimulating all areas of the body, the masseur increases stimulation by focusing on the genitals. Men will enjoy the pleasure of this stimulation, which is interrupted every now and then to concentrate on less erotic zones.

The male ejaculation is controlled in a neurophysiological way by semiochemicals. The semen that is deposited in the prostatic urethra during arousal creates a stretch stimulus which induces the ejaculation reflex as the point of no return. Involuntary, rhythmic contractions of the pelvic muscles allow the ejaculate to be released through the opening of the urethra.