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Nuru gel

Nuru gel is made from deep-sea algae. The algae itself is often erroneously called nori algae. However, nori is the culinary term for dried seaweed. The main components of nuru gel are two types of algae with the scientific names porphyra yezoensis and porphyra tenera also known as red algae and purple laver. The red colouring is due to the use of phycobiliproteins during photosynthesis. Originally this algae was cultivated as food mainly in Japan and Korea. However, it was used for other purposes such as a natural fertiliser.

The special healing properties of this deep-sea algae were discovered and put into practice over 1000 years ago, particularly in Japan. The minerals and trace elements found in the algae soften the skin and also have an anti-inflammatory effect. The slippery consistency of the algae makes it ideal for manufacturing gel. Compared to massage oils, nuru gel is a particularly clean and economical, water-based product. It does not leave behind any sticky residue and is usually warmed up when used in massages, making it very pleasant for the recipient. The gel is completely absorbed by the skin and provides it with essential moisture.

Its Japanese origins mean that nuru gel is traditionally use for nuru massage, which was usually performed by a geisha. Just like tantric massage, this is a Japanese form of erotic massage that has found its way to Europe. The difference between tantric and nuru massage is that tantric massage has its roots in Buddhism and Hinduism and is thus more spiritually orientated while nuru massage is more targeted to joy and sexual passion.

Nuru gel has been produced in Thailand since 2011 according to a traditional Japanese recipe and has been making its way triumphantly into erotic massage parlours all over the world ever since.

Additional important features of the gel include its anti-allergy properties, its water-solubility and its neutral flavour. This makes it very popular in professional, high-class massage parlours for both nuru and tantric massage as well as for well-being and relaxation massages. As it is perfectly safe to use on the skin, it is also popular with sexual practitioners from all fields. Another particular benefit of nuru gel is in its use in special nuru body-to-body massages. This amazing lubrication and massage gel helps to develop and increase passion and sexual energy and also promotes a deeply relaxing feeling of satisfaction.