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The Lunghi is a traditional garment in South Asia and the South Pacific. Depending on the region, it is also called Longyi (Burma), Lava Lava (Polynesia) or Sarong or Pareo (South Asia). He is mainly worn by men. In the Indian region of Kerala, the Lunghi is also a typical garment for women. This is a fabric that has been stitched together, which the man knits or wraps around his waist. Women wear it to cover the breasts more like a beach dress.

As a low-cost item of clothing, the Lunghi in the country of origin is usually worn by the poorer sections of the population in public. In the western world, the Lunghi has established itself as a garment for Tantric rituals. It provides enough freedom of movement and can be quickly stored especially in Taoist erotic massages. Viscose is often used as the material for the lunghi. This made of cellulose, so wood, fiber is very skin-friendly and is depending on the room temperature equally able to cool and warm. In the upper price range, the garment consists of high-quality materials such as crepe de chine, chiffon or silk. The standard sizes of the Lunghi are 160 x 110 cm or 170 x 120 cm. He normally reaches to his feet. To increase the freedom of movement, you can hit the fabric twice and wear it knee-length in this way.

The fact that the Lunghi allows a good freedom of movement during tantric rituals and Taoist massages predestines him for this purpose. Western clothing is often restrictive and impractical. The ritual act of taking off the clothing of the persons involved also has the symbolic significance of relinquishing its status and its everydayness.

The Lunghi is available in different colors and patterns, which are mostly printed. The trade also offers numerous luxurious variants in which the patterns are painted in filigree handwork. Historians suspect that the reason for the diverse patterns and colors is to be found in the Kamasutra. It states: "When a woman approaches her husband, her clothes should consist of many ornaments, of different flowers and some sweet-smelling oils, of cloths in different fabrics and colors."

Our masseurs usually wear the Lunghi or a Tangaslip in our wellness and body-to-body massages followed by an intimate massage. The clothing is appropriate for the occasion and gives the massage an exotic touch. To increase the erotic tension in addition, the massage can also be done naked.