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Lingam Massage

The lingam massage is belongs to tantra and erotic massages. It is a massage of the male genitals. It serves in the true sense of the expansion of the man's consciousness on a spiritual, physical and spiritual level, but can also simply be perceived as a wellness massage. The male genitalia, the erogenous zones and the prostate are stimulated. Men are thereby kidnapped into new dimensions of sexuality. The female counterpart is the Yoni massage. The term Lingam comes from Sanskrit and means something like a sign or a symbol. Hindus see in Lingam the three powers of Creation, Conservation, and Destruction of the deity Shiva. The association with the male creative power of Shiva has led to lingam being often interpreted as a phallic symbol. Therefore, the term is also used in Western Neotantra as a synonym for the penis. In this massage, different methods can be combined, whereby the masseuse adapts completely to the wishes of the man. The combination of the Lingam massage with a sensitive butt massage, a tender anal massage or an exciting prostate massage is conceivable. In any case, a relaxed atmosphere in pleasant and well-maintained premises will support the well-being of the client. Pleasant fragrances and quiet music put the massager in a mood of cosiness. Since a lingam massage is dedicated to the most intimate areas of the man, relaxation and trust of the client play an essential role for optimal success.

To prepare for the actual climax, the massage usually begins with gentle touches. Flowing massage strokes over the entire body lead via appropriate nerve tracts of the skin stimuli in the area of ​​the brain, which is responsible among other things for sexual arousal. This creates an additional erotic tension. The highlight is the massage of the genital area of ​​the man, with the focus on keeping the sexual energy at a high level of pleasure. Decisive for an optimal course of Lingam massage is the willingness of the man to indulge completely in the passive role of the hands of the masseuse. The lingam massage is not about orgasm in the foreground. With imaginative penis massage techniques, on the contrary, they work holistically in the Taoist manner and serve primarily to increase the perception of feelings and to improve the body sensation. The combination of fantasy and arousal does not exclude a climax of the man with orgasm and ejaculation of course. As a gentle conclusion of the massage but also the stimulation to the orgasm threshold with subsequent orgasm without ejaculation is conceivable. Here, a massage grip technique is used, which holds back the seeds by means of finger pressure on the Jen Mo point between the scrotum and anus and leads to dry orgasm, also called injaculation. For the man, a lingam massage offers the unique opportunity to indulge once. Conscious and present touches beyond the fixation on an orgasm can reveal to the man a new intimacy and love lust, which sustains his erotic pleasure ability.