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InjaculationJosef Kramer

Jen Mo Point

The Jen Mo point is a genital point of the man who is at the dam between scrotum and anus. The term comes from the Chinese and means as much as sacred point. In western linguistic terms such as million dollar point, miracle point or Saxonus are common. Within the 5 element theory and the meridian doctrine, the Jen Mo point is one of 400 acupoints of the human body. A finger pressure on this point just before the stimulation peak causes the end of the injection channel, the so-called ejaculatory duct, to be pushed even before the urethra and within the prostate so that the sperm does not enter the urethra. As a result, the ejaculate is redirected inwards instead of escaping to the outside via the urethra. According to the Taoist wisdom doctrine contain humors, including the male seed, energy. If this energy is left in the body, it has a beneficial effect on health and vitality. Outside the body, it evaporates without effect. Therefore, inducing a dry orgasm (injaculation) by finger pressure on the Jen Mo point just before the climax, enables the man to experience multiple orgasms in a short time.

When properly performed, the sperm is fully resorbed by the prostate and, in the first place, by the seminal vesicle. The result of this is that a very pleasant and voluptuous feeling sets in, which is caused by the contraction of various muscles. In the body there is thus an ejaculation, which is not completed by the whereabouts of the ejaculate in the body. The male body continues to feel strong after orgasm instead of indulging in postcoital fatigue. Proper treatment of this genital point, therefore, increases lust and promotes the ability of the man to experience multiple orgasms. The energy contained in the male seed also rises through the meridians in the body and does not escape from the organism. The exact location of the Jen Mo point can be easily felt with the finger as a pea-sized depression between scrotum and anus. In a self-experiment, it is best to include the penis root with your thumb and forefinger of one hand just before the climax, thereby clamping the urethra. With the middle finger of the other hand then the Jen Mo point can be pressed, whereby the escape of the seminal fluid into the urethra is avoided.

If done incorrectly, only two things can happen. Pressing too far back in the direction of the anus just does not prevent the ejaculation and it comes to ejaculation. Pressing too far forward towards the scrotum can cause the ejaculate to splash into the bladder. This is not harmful to your health because the sperm is excreted the next time you urinate.