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Five elementsJen Mo Point


Injaculation is a dry orgasm experienced by a man, i.e. an orgasm without the ejaculation of sperm. In contrast to an ejaculation, a dry orgasm is experienced as being much more intense than a normal orgasm, not least because it lasts longer. In the media it is often described and recommended as a promising extension to an orgasm.

In order to understand how such an orgasm can occur, it is first necessary to explain what happens in a man’s body during orgasm:

The so-called musculus pubococcygeus – also known as the PC muscle – plays an important role. By tensing this muscle during orgasm it is possible to control both the orgasm and ejaculation. The muscle is located in the pelvic region and runs from the pubic bone to the tailbone. By tensing the PC muscle, the entrance to the spermatic duct is squeezed together meaning that the ejaculate cannot be released. It may happen that the ejaculate then runs back into the sperm sac. This is not at all hazardous to health. Placing precise pressure with the finger on the genital point between the scrotum and the anus also hinders ejaculation. The requirements for injaculation are therefore tensing the PC muscle and at the same time applying pressure to the genital point.

This technique is not a reliable contraceptive method. When engaging in sexual intercourse, it is always possible that, regardless of ejaculation, liquid containing sperm may be discharged from the penis and thus fertilise egg cells. From a health point of view, injaculation is perfectly harmless. However, carrying out the technique imprecisely can lead to the sperm running backwards into the bladder which can cause cloudy urine.

Practice and training is required to perform this technique successfully, particularly tensing the PC muscle. It is helpful to have the support of a partner or a masseur experienced in this area. By tensing the PC muscle multiple times and applying pressure to the jen mo point between the testis and the anus, the sperm can be controlled enough so that it does ejaculate from the penis. The jen mo point is a slight depression in the middle of the perineum. Gentle pressure with the finger is enough to cause stimulation. It is possible that this magical little spot cannot be found immediately and therefore the desired result will not be achieved. The depression between the testis and the anus can be easily felt. It is important to push this point inwards so that the pressure is felt within the body. Initially this may be experienced as being painful. Regular erotic massage sessions can help to prolong a man’s orgasmic ability and enable long-term control over ejaculation.