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This term was originally used to describe carved figures of animals and people brought home by Portuguese sailors. Due to their supposedly magical properties, the Portuguese gave these objects the name feitiço, which translates as ‘charm’ or ‘spell’. The scholar Charles de Brosses brought the term to Europe in the mid-18th century. Its modern, erotic meaning can be traced back to the psychoanalytic observations of Sigmund Freud, who identified fetishism as a form of sexuality focusing on certain objects or body parts.

A fetish serves to stimulate sexual arousal and can include things of a tangible nature, such as certain objects, body parts or materials as well as things of a non-tangible nature, such as scents or situations. Objects that are closely related to erotic themes are more often labelled as fetishes than other objects. This includes underwear, shoes, stockings or materials such as latex and leather. Objects that are connected to the sexual act from the outset, for example dildos or vibrators, are not usually seen as fetishes.

Common fetishes include body parts such as feet, breasts and hair. The American director and actor Quentin Tarantino openly referred to himself as having a foot fetish. The philosopher René Descartes is said to have had a fetish for women with squints.

Up to now behavioural psychologists have been unable to determine a general cause for fetishism. The abundance of objects that can be classed as fetishes as well as the fact that fetishism can occur either very early or very late on in a person’s life make research very difficult.

Further complicating the search for causes of fetishism is that a fetish often has to display other characteristics in order to be a fetish. Colours, materials and other characteristics often have to coincide to make an object sexually arousing. The smallest factors, such as whether or not an item of clothing has been worn, can play decisive roles. While in some cases only one sense has to be stimulated to cause sexual arousal; i.e. just the sight or scent of the object is enough, in other cases all senses have to be stimulated in order for sexual arousal to take place.

Some objects only become fetishes when combined with certain fetishism fantasies, meaning that the properties of the object can be transferred to the surroundings. For example, uniforms or a nurse’s outfit can stimulate the imagination so much that the idea of punishment or intimate care creates sexual arousal.

Usually a person’s fetishes remain with them all their lives. Certain deviations are possible or other fetishes can be acquired.

Do not be afraid to let us know of your preferences for latex, rubber or other objects. For our bizarre massages, our ladies and gentlemen will receive you dressed in an appropriate fetish outfit in a stylishly furnished and equipped S&M playroom.