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A body-to-body massage is categorised as an erotic massage. This type of erotic massage is mainly offered in high-class massage parlours and in special massage clubs and is rarely available in ordinary massage parlours. A body-to-body massage is a whole body massage using the entire body of the masseur and the entire body of the recipient.

The roots of this from of massage can be found in Asia where this type of erotic massage has been offered professionally for centuries. Nowadays, body-to-body massages are not only limited to Asian countries and they have gained a large number of followers worldwide. The massage is carried out with the entire body of the masseur in contact with the body of the recipient – hence the name. The initial aim of this massage is to provide physical contact through tender touch that is not restricted to the hands only. Very close physical contact is built up between the masseur and the recipient. A body-to-body massage is often part of an erotic massage that culminates in stimulation of the genital area.

Body-to-body massage can be separated into four different categories. The sensuous form stimulates certain nerve fibres on the skin which send messages directly to the area of the brain that is responsible for positive emotions such as love and sexual excitement. Slow, smooth touches give the recipient a pleasurable feeling of being cherished. The masseur reacts intuitively and feels the needs of the client.

Tantric massage originates from Far Eastern wisdom and brings a meditative aspect to the treatment. The aim of this technique is to allow the life force to flow harmoniously once again.

The Nuru massage originates from Japan. It involves the use of a cooling, water-based seaweed gel.

The soapy massage uses warm soap suds instead of massage oil.

A body-to-body massage often begins with the hands, gradually involving more and more of the masseur’s body and ends with a massage of the genital area. While the initial phase serves to relax the muscles, the second part concentrates on providing tender touch. The final phase, if requested by the client, includes erotic stimulation of the genitals.

Although this massage has a strongly erotic component and both the masseur and the recipient are only lightly clothed or even naked, a body-to-body massage does not involve sexual contact between the participants.