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Acupressure is a Chinese finger pressure massage technique that targets the acupuncture points lying along the meridians. This is intended to balance the flow of energy within the body.


Acupuncture is a sub-division of traditional Chinese medicine. Fine needles are used to stimulate acupressure points located along the meridians. This is intended to balance the flow of energy within the body.


Ayurveda means "the complete knowledge of long life" in Sanskrit. It is a very old Indian healing art that is still practiced today. Important methods in Ayurveda include: detoxification and purification of the body, stimulation of the immune system, renewal of lost energy. Health and well-being is achieved by balancing the three fundamental doshas (bodily humours) that make up a person’s constitution: the respiratory system as water (Kapha); the digestive system as fire (Pitta); and the reproductive system as wind (Vata).

Big draw

This exercise originates in Taoist teachings, according to which the bodily fluids contain energy that is essential to good health and vitality. Among the most vital of these bodily fluids is male semen. A big draw enables the recipient to achieve a “dry” orgasm – that is, an orgasm without ejaculation, or a so-called injaculation. From a Taoist viewpoint, by conserving semen the life essence thus remains in the body.

The exercise:

You receive a slow yet intensive stimulation of your penis and genital area to take you repeatedly to the point of orgasm. Just before orgasm is reached, stimulation is interrupted and the PC muscle tensed so as to curb excitement. You are then taken past the point of no return and instructed to simultaneously tense your PC muscle as hard as you can. The best result is achieved if you tense your entire body and hold your breath for about ten seconds. The prostate now to tries to ejaculate the semen that has built up, but the trained PC muscle holds it back. You can then breathe out and relax.

Deep, abdominal breathing in a relaxed, laying position is key to the success of a big draw. With a bit of training it is possible to repeat the big draw in the same session and thus to achieve a second or even multiple orgasms, without dampening your level of energy and arousal. If your PC muscle is not sufficiently well trained, the semen can also be held back by exerting finger pressure on the Jen Mo point (located between the scrotum and anus).

Body contact specialist

Body contact specialists help physically or mentally disabled persons learn to enjoy their body through tenderness, body contact and the philosophy of self-love.

Body-to-body massage

Erotic massage which uses not only the hands but also the body.


Chakra is a term from Sanskrit meaning wheel or circle. Chakra refers to our body’s “force centres”, which are the focal point for the reception and transmission of the various energies between humans and the cosmos. They are best envisaged as spiral-like vortices that are in a constant state of rotation. Taoist teaching distinguishes between seven principal chakras.


In Chinese philosophy, chi is the life force or life energy that keeps organisms going. Chi flows along the meridians.

Connective tissue massage

Massage of the connective tissue. Connective tissue is part of our skin. It surrounds, protects and supports all structures in the body.

"Dry" orgasm

See injaculation.

Energy centre

Depending on the context: chakras or main bodily glands.

Energy channel

See meridians.

Energy line

See meridians.


Erotic fixation on specific objects, materials or parts of the body. Popular fetishes include shoes, stockings, lingerie, latex, rubber or the feet.

Five elements

Part of Chinese philosophy. The five elements wood, fire, earth, metal and water are symbols for archetypical basic forces, phases of cyclical transformation or parts of a living system.

Full-body orgasm

A full-body orgasm is an orgasm experienced at an extremely high state of arousal, whereby sexual energy is felt not only in the genital area but all the way from head to toe. It usually requires practice to achieve such a feeling of ecstasy. Above all, you need to develop a good awareness of your body and have a well-trained PC muscle. A full-body orgasm is an interplay between excitement and relaxation. You are repeatedly taken to the point of orgasm before your excitement is allowed to subside again. This delaying tactic can be used to gradually increase your point of no return. An ecstatic state washes over you, and your final orgasm is extremely intense and gratifying.


In Western culture, a very low bed or mat on the floor.


Injaculation is part of Taoist sexual practice. Ejaculation is suppressed either by strongly tensing the PC muscle (Big draw) or exerting finger pressure on the Jen Mo point.

Jen Mo point

The Jen Mo point is an acupuncuture point according to Taoism. It is a pea-sized dimple located between the scrotum and the anus. A soft massage of the Jen Mo point has a stimulating effect.

Joseph Kramer, PhD.

American sexual scientist and founder of the well-known Body Electric School in California. He developed the Taoist erotic massage.

Life energy

See Chi.

Lingam massage

According to tantric-Taoist practice, this is a massage of the male genitalia.


Item of clothing from India consisting of a light cotton cloth worn across the hips.

Main bodily glands

Pineal gland, pituitary gland, thyroid gland, thymus gland, pancreas, adrenal glands and gonadal glands. See Energy centres.


In traditional Chinese medicine, meridians are defined as channels within the body along which our life energy or Chi is believed to flow. The acupressure points.

Multiple orgasms

Several orgasms with injaculation (“dry” orgasms) during the same session.

Nuru gel

Natural material made from nori algae. Nuru gel is antiallergenic, water-soluble, tasteless and extremely slippery. Nuru gel originates from Japan. The product we use is manufactured in Thailand.

Orgasm with ejaculation

Normal orgasm with release of semen.

Orgasm without ejaculation

See injaculation, “dry” orgasm.

PC muscle

The pubococcygeus muscle – PC muscle, for short – is located in your pelvic floor. Like every other muscle in the body, the PC muscle can be trained through controlled tensing and relaxing. A well-trained PC muscle heightens the intensity of your sexual experience. It also allows you to better control the release of semen. It is therefore extremely important in tantric and Taoist sexual practice. Tensing the PC muscle enables injaculation without any external intervention (figure pressure on the Jen Mo point).

Point of no return

The point of no return (PONR) is the point at which it becomes impossible to hold back an orgasm any longer.

Pressure massage

See acupressure.


The prostate is a male sexual gland. It is located near the rectum and can be reached via the anus. The prostate can be stimulated sexually to help achieve the point of orgasm. In Taoist teaching, the connection between sexual arousal and the prostate has been known for thousands of years.

Prostate massage

Both anus and prostate are considered erogenous zones and can be stimulated sexually. A massage of the prostate is quite comparable with the stimulation of the G spot in women. Therefore, the prostate is also commonly known as the male G spot. At a certain level of arousal the massage of the prostate acts almost like a catalyst / boost for lust. Compared to a purely phallic induced orgasm, the orgasm induced by a prostate massage feels more intense and pleasurable. According to Taoist view a regular massage of the prostate contributes to good health and virility. Many men experience a massage of the prostate as extremely pleasurable and mind-blowing.

Sexual assistant

See body contact specialist.


The word "tantra" comes from Sanskrit and stems from the two root words "tanoti" (stretch, extend, expand) and "trayati" (liberation).

Tantra is believed to have its origins in shamanist fertility rites founded in the religious beliefs of India and Tibet. In traditional tantra, sexuality is the tool for overcoming the ego and achieving oneness with the divine principle.

Modern Western tantra primarily aims to foster self-discovery and enhance our sensitivity to pleasure.


See tantra.


Taoism is a Chinese philosophy and religion. "Tao" is translated as"way" or "path". By following the teachings of the eight pillars, Taoists seek to harness the eternal forces of life and thus become immortal. A cornerstone of Taoist teaching is preserving energy in the form of restraint.


See Taoism.

Taoist erotic massage
Taoist erotic massage (TEM) is a form of sexological bodywork. It was developed in the 1980s by American sexual scientist Joseph Kramer, PhDand Annie Sprinkle, PhD. TEM is a special massage of the genital area based on Taoist principles and can be performed on both men and women. See Lingam massage, yoni massage.

Vital point

Vital points – also known as marma – are located where the three life forces (doshas) can be held. The human body has approximately 107 marma points. Stimulating these points through acupuncture, acupressure and reflexology helps stimulate the internal organs in a positive way.

Yin and yang

Yin and yang are two terms from Chinese philosophy. They stand for polar opposite and yet interrelated forces or principles.

Yin-yang caress

In the human body, the front is yin and the back is yang. The right side of the body is yang and the left side of the body is yin. Yin-yang caresses help connect the various parts of the body in terms of energy and bring them into harmony.

Yoni massage

In tantric-Taoist teaching, this is the massage of the female genitalia.