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Internet forums - about Andana Massagen

We have received the following reviews on various Internet forums. Thank you!

Location and Girls

I just came back from a stopover in Zurich and went to Andana Massagen after browsing the net. I had been travelling for three weeks in the States and was ready to be pampered. This is the place. On arrival the club is discreet, and when you go inside you feel comfortable. The girls look exactly what the website shows, young and pretty. I paid the Francs 270 and was escorted to a neatly furnished room, given a cool glass of Chardonnay, a very thick towel and hotel slippers. Then a girl called Soraya entered the room - a dream girl! Model looks! She is extremly friendly, she speaks perfect English and her massage is hot, hot, hot! I'll be back.


I felt the need for some relief in the past few days and visited twice Andana Massagen in Zurich downtown. There is a particular girl who provides outstanding massages. Price for 120 minutes CH 470. She is just amazing - lovely personality with small tits. Enjoy.

Michelle's tender massages in the heart of Zurich

I can only join J-L's opinion. It was a fantastic erotic hour with a really charming woman - the ambience, the light, the cleanliness, the unsurpassable value for money. I will definitely visit Michelle again. Only alone because of your radiation.   After F confirmed my positive first experience with Michelle, I went to her one more time. With the second time it is such a thing. The expectations are high and often makes a minor disappointment. But not so with Michelle! After a warm welcome and a shower (this time I did not have to wait) we started. First a classic massage as usual and then the erotic part began. She managed to keep me at the limit for a very long time. With gentle stroking she let the hour fade away. Man, this experience has topped my first visit with her once more. Incidentally, I do not know if she can be touched either, because I found it particularly exciting to resist this urge and to leave it to her (although I do not usually care about SM or anything like that, I almost wished to be tied up ). I have noticed that she attaches great importance to the clean and well-groomed appearance of her clients (she has emphasized this several times). So people, come clean and take a shower first, it's worth it! I hope now nobody thinks I'm any of Michelle's publicity because I'm writing about her again, but her service is actually the best thing I've ever experienced in erotic massage.