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We have received the following reviews on various Internet forums. Thank you!

Location and Girls

I just came back from a stopover in Zurich and went to Andana Massagen after browsing the net. I had been travelling for three weeks in the States and was ready to be pampered. This is the place. On arrival the club is discreet, and when you go inside you feel comfortable. The girls look exactly what the website shows, young and pretty. I paid the Francs 270 and was escorted to a neatly furnished room, given a cool glass of Chardonnay, a very thick towel and hotel slippers. Then a girl called Soraya entered the room - a dream girl! Model looks! She is extremly friendly, she speaks perfect English and her massage is hot, hot, hot! I'll be back.


I felt the need for some relief in the past few days and visited twice Andana Massagen in Zurich downtown. There is a particular girl who provides outstanding massages. Price for 120 minutes CH 470. She is just amazing - lovely personality with small tits. Enjoy.

Michelle at ST (google translation)

As a lover of erotic massages, I noticed the following ad several times: "Wonderful relaxation massage (classic, erotic and tender caresses, pampering, including tender hand job massage) with a pretty, young Swiss masseuse appointment by appointment, I've called her a couple of times already but it only had the answering machine on it at the end of the day, and finally it was finally greeted with a friendly "hello." The conditions of the woman seemed pretty cheap. That's not the best area in Zurich, but it's the sympathetic voice that appeals to me, so I've arranged an appointment for an hour, if not, but then, after I had rung the agreed place, the big surprise came. The masseuse who introduced herself to me as Michelle was actually young and pretty Not framed by shiny long hair. She wore a robe so I did not see much of the rest, but she was slim anyway. The room into which she led me was very tastefully decorated. For a moment I had to sit in a (very nice) waiting room, because her previous client was still in the shower. Then I was led into the massage room. Also very tasteful, with lots of mirrors that made sure I could see Michelle in all situations. I was allowed to take a shower (shower very clean) and I was served the desired drink. Then Michelle got rid of the bathrobe. Wow, what a sight An immaculate body plays around with a white straps ensemble, a scene like a gentleman's magazine. Even the bra came right away, so I could admire her small, tight breasts while she started off with a good, classic full body massage. We talked nice. After almost half an hour - I was now wonderfully relaxed - began the erotic part of the massage. I am telling you: This woman has magic hands! They seemed to glide over my body on air cushions, so fine and gentle that a pleasant shower chased the other, especially my butt was extensively pampered. Suddenly she climbed onto the massage table, threw her long hair forward and caressed my whole body. For the invitation to turn me on the back, I was really mature now. I was blown away and the explosion was not long in coming! While my little friend was slowly recovering, she gently stroked my face and let that dream hour come to an end. For me it is clear that I will definitely visit Michelle again. Even if I do not like to give grades, here's a try. Appearance 10 (including lingerie), classic massage 8, pampering massage 10. (Maybe the notes are a bit rambunctious, but I'm still blown away). So if you do not want to go all out, but are looking for a tender, gentle massage experience, you will be well served. In addition, the price is right. Best regards, J-L ... Click here to find out more about us.