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Feedback by Email 2017

Feedback by Email 2018

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Experience report of a visually impaired guest (google translation)

April 6, 2018 - Yesterday I visited the massage studio Andana in Zurich for the first time. I liked it very much. Since I can not send the feedback form, I'll write my feedback along the way. It is not possible for me to read the captch field and my computer's speech recognition can not interpret the text. But I try to write it as detailed as it is in the form. Reception: friendly and warm. I came to the house with the help, but when I arrived on the third floor, of course I did not know where I had to go and so I called. Tatjana came out quickly and welcomed me. Friendliness of the receptionist: very friendly. Service at the reception / in the reception lounge: Tatjana had served me very friendly and I received the desired drink. Reception Lounge: It seemed big to me. In the niche, behind the curtain, I felt very well, even if from time to time I heard footsteps and voices. , Tatjana also told me informally what the curtain is about and where the table is to put the coffee down. This one tasted good! Music: This one is special, but for me it was okay to tune in to the massage, or even to dive into another world. While waiting, I did not hear much, but in the massage room already. But it was not too loud there. Friendliness of the masseuse: Julia greeted me in the lobby very friendly and discreet. I think they were not heard or barely heard in other niches. She looked lovely, warmhearted and charming (also erotic) from the beginning on. Massage: I have never experienced anything so beautiful and I felt good during my time with Julia and also on the way home. I was also very relaxed when I went to bed. It seemed to me that time would stop, or that the hour would last forever. Zimmer: Actually, I expected a carpet and so it was first on this floor, but it did not sound as hollow as in other rooms without carpet. Julia explained very well where the shower area is, where sink, toilet and shower are. Shower and toilet area: something so clean I rarely ever met! I felt very comfortable in there. The area is not too small (narrow) and not too big. Just the right size for me and I think that's the way it is for other guests. In the shower, I had a problem with regulating hot and cold water. Suddenly had so hot water that I almost burned myself. Maybe another service would not be bad. Massage couch area: I was surprised when Julia told me about a mattress, but I knew that it could work that way and that it had to be pleasant to lie down and to massage as well. With Julia's friendliness, it was clear to me that there was nothing in the way that could have bothered me. The mattress was comfortable to lie down. Massage: I can only say WOW! In the beginning, Julia told me how she will handle me and I think that's VERY good for a person who has never had such a thing before. Here I have to say that I have twice had erotic massages, but they were nothing. The tender hands of Julia and how she stroked me at the beginning, was a great introduction. Then later with the powder and then with oil, very special, but also really nice. Just how the powder trickled on my body was pleasant and then the warm oil. Both felt great. Even as Julia not only stroked with time, but massaged massively, I liked it. That was a good boost. When she then also included body to body and slowly began to touch my private parts, it was definitely against the seventh heaven. Later, after I spun on my back and lay down, she allowed me to touch her. Of course that had a charm for me, especially since I can not see Julia. Incidentally, I was also allowed to scan Julia before the massage. I did that with due respect. Her way, how she then went over to the erotic conclusion, was also very nice! Your leg erotic is just SUPER! I could drop and relax in the end! Small note: When I lay on my back, I suddenly said that I would like to do something like this. Julia replied: "I have the most beautiful job in the world." I envy her for a bit. One more comment: I knew about erotic and sexual services and they often end up having sexual intercourse, but what I experienced yesterday with Julia was just great and VERY relaxed. The idea that it does not always end in sex had been around for a while, but it was wonderful to experience. I just always thought that I had to satisfy the service provider. Showering after the massage: Julia helped me a lot and washed my oil and powder away. She is just very caring and I am already a comfortable person ;-) She did this great and I was not sticky and was able to wash myself at home as usual. Back in the reception area: Julia took me back to the reception area and I could sit there relaxed in the niche. Tatjana came to me very friendly, because of the order of a taxi. She was great on the phone and said right when ordering that the driver should pay attention, because I'm blind. After she ordered the taxi, she said that I could come down with her right away. That was a good moment, because she was out of work, so no one had to be summoned to help me leave the house. Will I come to Andana again? Yes for sure! At this point, I want to express my joy that you are there for disabled people !! It was a GREAT joy for me, as I read on the homepage, that Andana for the handicapped makes a price reduction of Fr. 50 .-- for all offers! Also, I was pleased to read that the studio Andana has an extra room for physically disabled people. This is complicated and not self-evident. For me it is also integrative. I can go to a normal studio for erotic massages and do not have to do my intimate customer needs around the world. I also experienced the discretion. I also used other offers for the disabled, but already felt some uncertainty in terms of blindness. I always say, for questions about blindness, I'm open, but there were never any. At Tatiana, I also felt a slight sense of insecurity, but we came clear. It is not the same, a person in a wheelchair who can see and a blind person who can walk but sees nothing. Yes, and you do not meet blind people every day. People who see well can not imagine what it's like to see nothing. I already heard a lot of different things. Most people do not dare to ask questions. As well as, because long / too long dormitories for the disabled (also for the blind) were far away and if possible not where many people live, whether in cities or villages. Thus were disabled people for themselves and had only caring people around and earlier these were certainly not the most pleasant places to stay. There has been an opening by non-disabled people in recent years. I also noticed that when I started talking to groups about blindness. However, more with school classes, but there were also groups with adults and over time, individuals came to it. When I went through the feedback on the homepage yesterday, I saw that you have a newsletter. Can I sign up for this without the feedback? Now I hope that you can do something with my remarks. I tried to report as accurately as possible (as in the feedback form) and since I am blind and the Andana for the disabled is there, I wanted to additionally address this and briefly say something about it. Who reads this mail, has now earned a coffee sure ;-) The whole team I wish a nice day and the studio much success! Best regards, D Addendum: Please let Julia say hello to her

World Class Massage with Beyoncé (Google Translation)

April 3, 2018 - Hello dear Andana team, Too bad you do not have a guestbook. I was at Beyonce today and it was world class. She is a beautiful woman and the time with her was really great. Please tell her that I would like to thank her and certainly not last time with her. Best regards, B

Best Spa ever experienced – delightful massage with Kelly

February 12, 2018, Dear Sirs, I visited your Spa last Friday evening at 7pm for a 1.5 hour sensual massage with Kelly. I have visited some of the best Spas in the world and I must compliment you: Andana is the best I have experienced. The attention to detail, the concern with each persons privacy, and your professional and sensitive handling of all matters was a delight to experience. This was my first visit and I will surely come back when I am in Zurich next. Next time I will try to have more than one massage during my trip. I have a small request - if you could forward my below message to Masseuse Kelly - I would be deeply obliged. Dear Kelly, Firstly thank you for your kind time and attention last Friday. I hope you are now safely back home and that you managed to have your meeting today for your upcoming event on Friday. Like you mentioned - please sleep properly tonight since you will have been driving all night on Sunday. We talked about Karma and I saw a quote that I wanted to share - If you have been brutally broken, but still have the courage to be gentle to others, then you deserve a love deeper than the ocean itself. You are a truly a very kind and gentle person. I was touched more by your gentle soul than I was by your skill-full and caring massage. I wish you great happiness in all your future endeavours. Next time you eat Indian food - please have an extra bite for me. I hope we have the chance to meet again someday. And like I said - have faith, Karma is very powerful. Im sure that your warm and gentle heart will find its calling soon. May peace be with you always. Your Indian friend AD Thanking you once again for the excellent service you offer. Yours warmly AD

Thanks for good and friendly service

February 12, 2018 - I am always so impressed by the warmth of the communications any time I am in touch with you at Andana. I just wanted to say that it's a pleasure to receive such good and friendly service. Look forward to seeing you soon. Kind regards and wishing you a good start to your week. B

Massage with fingertip-feeling with Eva (Google Translation)

January 22, 2018 - A few days ago I was allowed to enjoy a wonderful sensual massage with the dear Eva. The massage was first class from start to finish! Eva massaged with a lot of fingertip feeling. I would particularly like to highlight her excellent intimate massage! Unfortunately the time passed much too fast and I left the Andana with a big smile on my face. Thanks again to dear Eva. Many greetings, A

Blown away from Julia's massage

January 13, 2018 - I was with Julia today and I'm still totally blown away. She is simply the best! Good night, R. (guest with disability)