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Classic Massage

Our classic full or partial body massage uses soothing massage techniques such as stroking and kneading help penetrate deep into your body's muscles. It will ease tightness and tension and leave you with a renewed sense of relaxation and well-being.  

The sensual, second half of this massage consists of soft, attentive stroking movements and gentle, tender caresses all over your body - in particular, your erogenous zones - and culminates in a stimulating massage of your genital area. Here, we use our imaginative and varied bodywork technique based on Far Eastern principles to provide you with maximum pleasure.  

Indulgence sessions and prices

45 MinutesCHF 220Euro daily rate
60 MinutesCHF 270.-Euro daily rate
90 MinutesCHF 370.-Euro daily rate
120 MinutesCHF 470.-Euro daily rate


Contact us daily from 09:45 - 24:00

+41 44 202 23 40

Products and ambiance

The classic massage is performed using small amounts of oil or lotion on a massage table or futon.