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Balinese Massage

Let yourself be captivated by the exotic charm of our Balinese massage. The massage features an extremely effective bodywork technique that penetrates deep into the muscles, drawing on the teachings of acupressure and connective tissue work while gently stretching and loosening your limbs and joints. This type of massage is ideally suited to eliminating persistent aches and pains. 

The sensual, second half of this massage consists of soft, attentive stroking movements and gentle, tender caresses all over your body - in particular, your erogenous zones - and culminates in a stimulating massage of your genital area. Here, we use our imaginative and varied bodywork technique based on Far Eastern principles to provide you with maximum pleasure.  


Indulgence sessions and prices 

60 MinutesCHF 270.-Euro daily rate
90 MinutesCHF 370.-Euro daily rate
120 MinutesCHF 470.-Euro daily rate




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Products and ambiance

The Balinese massage is performed using oil on a massage table or futon.


More information

Balinese massage stems from Indonesia and is a uniquely special symbiosis of manual and aroma therapy. It has a deeply relaxing and healing effect and is influenced by Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as other Asian healing approaches.

Do you remember your last aroma bath or your last walk in the woods? Can you still smell the fragrance of the pines or the scent of meadow herbs in your tub? In that case, you know just how comforting it can be to not only breathe in a fresh smell but to consciously allow it to suffuse your whole being. Smell influences our well-being; positively or negatively. Fragrances are used in Balinese massage to improve well-being and to set healing processes in motion. The combination with manual therapy in the form of massage techniques makes it a sensual experience for body and mind.

A piece of Bali in Zurich

Balinese massage comes from the Indonesian island of Bali in the Indian Ocean. Approx. 90% of the population is Balinese. The remaining 10% is made up of Javanese and Chinese communities. The culture is Asian through and through. 92% of believers are Hindus, and Bali is also known as the "Island of a Thousand Temples". This long spiritual tradition of the island is expressed in a diverse cultural heritage. For instance, eating is a very conscious act, preceded by the daily offering to the gods. Another cultural heritage is the cultivation of certain fragrances, which are also used as incense for spiritual rituals. Many spiritual schools, reaching far beyond Bali, demonstrate just how important scents are in order to achieve a relaxed and devotional state by burning incense during meditation.

Balinese massage: touch, oil and fragrance

Although Balinese massage is not about spiritual experience, scents play a crucial role. Essential oils are used for maximum effect of the fragrance. Combined with the massage movements they bring about a deep relaxation of the muscles and the mind. The oils penetrate deeply and immediately create a pleasantly warm feeling. Depending on the individual case, they may have a healing effect and loosen even the most knotted tissues. Moreover, essential oils have a particularly positive effect on the respiratory system and may provide relief for chronic disorders. Traditionally, coconut oil is used in Balinese massage but other oils may also be used.

Manual and aroma therapy in one

Because oil is used, the movements must be very fluid. This facilitates the work of the massage practitioner and is also is very comforting for the client. Only the hands are used to achieve a holistic state of relaxation by smooth and seamless massage movements. A combination of stroking, kneading and gentle stretching movments is applied. These strokes stimulate circulation, relax muscles and revitalise the whole person.

Symmetrical thumb strokes are the most characteristic feature of Balinese massage. These achieve positive results very quickly, especially when it comes to relaxing muscles, making it therefore a good alternative to classic massage. In classic massage, oils and fragrances only play a minor role but are very prominent in Balinese massage. They are not used quite as extensively however, as in Abhyanga massage for instance. This makes Balinese massage most suitable for clients who love massages with flowing movements but do not like too much oil.

The exotic charm of this massage is the unique combination of East-Asian acupressure, stroking, thumb kneading and the use of oils. These work in two ways: via the skin and via the sense of smell. Depending on the experience and knowledge of the massage therapist, s/he may also stimulate specific Chi energy flow pathways according to Traditional Chinese Medicine to resolve blockages.