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Massage for Disabled Persons

The main goal of this type of massage is to impart a feeling of tenderness through personal attention and intimate physical contact. In principle, all massages from our offering are available to disabled persons. In the case of severe physical disabilities, however, we recommend our sensual massage. 

The following masseuses and masseurs offer massages for disabled persons:

Michelle (currently not active as masseuse)

Michelle is a trained body contact specialist and sexual assistant. Her fee is CHF 200 (EUR daily rate) per hour. This price is in line with the guidelines laid down by the Swiss Association for Disability and Sexuality from 2004 and applies to people with disabilities. There is always time for a little talk before the session, and where necessary dressing / undressing or completing personal hygiene. Direct contact please write an e-mail to michelle (at)

Masseurinnen: Anita, Carina, Demi, Karolina, Laura (only in in I oder E language), Mary

Masseure: Dave, Aron, Liam, Manolo  

These masseuses and masseurs have completed training in care professions and/or already have practical experience of working with the disabled. We offer persons drawing a disability pension supported by the appropriate documentation a discount of CHF 50 (Euro daily rate) on the regular massage price when receiving a massage from these masseuses.


Our massage studio has been designed with ease of access in mind. Two of our massage rooms (including showers/toilets) are completely disabled friendly. One massage table (80 cm wide) and one futon (140 cm wide) are mechanically adjustable from 30 cm to 90 cm.

Information for wheelchair users

If you use a wheelchair, it is important for you to know that there is a small staircase with five steps just inside the main entrance which is equipped with a practical wheelchair lift. If possible, give us a quick call from your mobile phone when you arrive, and somebody from our welcome team will collect you from the main entrance, activate the lift and accompany you up to the massage studio in the building elevator. Naturally, we will also see you back outside after your visit.

Scheduling an appointment

We want to make sure that we set aside sufficient time for you and make the necessary preparations for your visit. It is therefore important that you schedule your appointment in advance, either by telephone or by e-mail. How far in advance you wish to book is up to you.

Even if you have visited us at the massage studio before, please do not forget to remind us of your disability by telephone or e-mail so we can make the necessary arrangements.



Contact us daily from 09:45 - 24:00

+41 44 202 23 40

More information

Sexual Assistance SEO Text Sexual assistance is still a niche topic, but there are more and more offers in Western societies, and public discussions on this subject become more frequent. People with a disability have the same fundamental rights as people without a disability, so they can also design their own sex life. However, problems appear frequently due to their disabilities: Not every disabled person has a life partner, experience of corporeality can vary strongly, and physical impairments play an important role. This is where sexual assistance comes into play. It is a concomitant form of sexual acts.

Sex is one of the basic needs of human beings. The loving exchange, intimate closeness and the crackling tension ensure lasting satisfaction and relaxation. Sex is just as important for our health as for our personal well-being. People with a disability may have collected ordinary sexual experience, but more often they have only little sexual experience due to their impairments. But not only people with a disability, also healthy people may be confronted with problems in the area of sex, which can be solved with sexual assistance.

What is sexual assistance in general?

Sexual assistance does not have anything to do with prostitution or similar offers. It is an interpersonal relationship, in which the sex worker is not active to satisfy the temporary needs of their clients, on the contrary, they conduct sexual acts together in order to secure and carry the clients mentally and emotionally. The sexual practices are only a means to an end and not an end in itself. There is no mandatory need for sexual intercourse. The purpose of sexual assistance is providing the effects of sexuality lived in a partnership. Often it is already enough to share sexual experiences. Sexual assistance also has a therapeutic effect, for example overcoming the fear of too much closeness, dropping extreme shyness or promoting physicality and admitting intimate feelings about yourself and the other person. Here, it is important to mention that sexual assistance does not treat disorders that can be classed as a disease. The assistants are not always trained therapists. Nonetheless, it is possible to achieve lasting positive effects in the emotional and mental area, and this is what we aim for.

Sexuality with disabled people

Sexual assistance is always available to all people. However, in particular people with a disability tend to use it more often. Its purpose is to offer them access to sexuality in a partnership, as it is lived between people without a disability. As the sexuality of people with a disability is often still perceived as a taboo subject, the decision to use sexual assistance can at first be linked with stress, anxiety or nervousness. The purpose of this type of sexual mentoring is to provide an erotic and sensual experience to people who are not able to do it by themselves. The focus is on closeness and confidence, security and the exchange of experience. Sexual assistance can involve caressing, assistance in self-satisfaction, it can include petting, it can be a massage, but it can also be sexual intercourse. The limits and options will depend on the individual case, and the relationship between the client and the sexual mentor. Not all mentors offer French kissing or sexual intercourse. Therefore, exact agreements in advance are important to ensure that all parties involved know what they have let themselves into.

For many people with a disability sexual assistance is the only way to gain sexual experience. Even if it is a paid service, the relationship that is being built should not be looked at as being purely commercial. The mentors give their customers moments of devotion, emotional closeness and caressing corporeality. In this way, people with a disability can gain access to mutual closeness , but above all they can gain experience with their own bodies and emotions.