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Taoist Erotic Massage

The Taoist Erotic massage (TEM) is a special massage of the genital area based on Taoist principles that can be performed on both the male and female genitalia. The loving caresses of a relaxing full or partial body massage is the ideal preparation for TEM. This can take the form of a classic massage, a tantric massage or any of the other massages from our offering. In addition to a sensitive butt and lingam massage, the TEM also contains a gentle anal massage and an exciting prostate massage.

Both anus and prostate are considered erogenous zones and can be stimulated sexually. A massage of the prostate is quite comparable with the stimulation of the G spot in women. Therefore, the prostate is also commonly known as the male G spot. At a certain level of arousal the massage of the prostate acts almost like a catalyst / boost for lust.

Compared to a purely phallic induced orgasm, the orgasm induced by a prostate massage feels more intense and pleasurable. According to Taoist view a regular massage of the prostate contributes to good health and virility. Many men experience a massage of the prostate as extremely pleasurable and mind-blowing 

TEM is an effective method of channelling your sexual energy and focussing your sense of being by means of controlled breathing. The massage techniques used for TEM are imaginative, varied and perfectly aligned with Taoist practice, in the aim of increasing your perception of your emotions and improving your awareness of your own body. 

The contact spectrum can range from soft and gentle to firm and forceful. Flowing caresses along your entire body stimulate sexual arousal while the interplay between rhythmic massage and controlled breathing unlock your erotic consciousness. In the case of TEM, it is vital that you are willing to adopt a completely passive role and entrust yourself fully to the skilled hands of your masseuse. 

There are basically three ways of rounding off the Taoist erotic massage: 

1.  Tranquil conclusion of the massage without orgasm

2.  Stimulation to the point of no return, then orgasm with ejaculation

3.  Stimulation to the point of no return, then orgasm without ejaculation (e.g. with big draw)

Indulgence sessions and prices

60 MinutesCHF 270.-Euro daily rate
90 MinutesCHF 370.-Euro daily rate
120 MinutesCHF 470.-Euro daily rate


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Products and ambiance

The Taoist erotic massage is performed with oil or lotion on a massage table.