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Soapy Massage

After a beautiful reception ceremony featuring a warm footbath ritual, this heavenly massage begins with a relaxing dry massage from our offering: classic, exotic or Far Eastern tantric. You choose the service that appeals to you the most. This massage will loosen your muscles, relieve tension and harmonize your vital life force while relaxing your mind and arousing your senses. 

The highlight of your session is an extremely erotic body-to-body massage using soap lather. Right from the outset, when your body is enveloped in warm soap lather as it is delicately poured over you by your masseuse, your entire body will start shivering with pleasure. What follows is an exquisite symphony of movement conducted by velvety soft hands coupled with an intensive body-to-body massage unlike any you have experienced before – and which in spite of the mild cooling effect of the soap lather is sure to send your body temperature soaring. 

The massage is rounded off with a sensuous and especially slick massage of your erogenous zones using our imaginative and varied bodywork technique that draws on Far Eastern principles. Your masseuse will pleasure you in a powerful yet playful manner using all of the skills they have at their disposal.  

Indulgence sessions and prices 

90 MinutesCHF 420.-Euro daily rate
120 MinutesCHF 520.-Euro daily rate


Contact us daily from 09:45 - 24:00

+41 44 202 23 40

Products and ambiance

The soapy massage takes place on a comfortable futon in a customized wet room room. The body-to-body massage is performed using nuru gel only.


More information

During a lather massage the body is cleaned and massaged in a sensual way. In this massage the cosy feeling of a foam bath is combined with sensitive massage techniques. The body is not only cleaned, but spirit and soul are also nourished. Everyday worries are literally washed off. The warm lather creates a soothing warmth, and the skilful hands and movements of the masseuses and masseurs lead to deep relaxation for the entire body. In a lather massage both traditional and modern forms can be combined.

Who does not know the soothing feeling when we climb into a warm bath tub? When we sink our body into the water, rest our head on the edge of the bath tub and slide even further into the tub, most people let out a sigh of relief and relaxation. If you slide into a foam bath, you will quickly notice how much more this foam contributes to your relaxation. It is not in vain that people enjoy it so much: everybody wants to relax, clean their skin and recover overall. There are different effects depending on the colour, the smell and the foam itself.

Lather for a better recovery

Lather massages traditionally originate in the East. The Oriental bathhouse, called "Hamman", is still today a symbol for the Eastern bathing culture, which is much more than merely cleaning your body. Relaxation, communication and wellness are united to one unity. Cosy light, pleasant temperatures and a few bathing guests make a Hamman a unique place. Traditionally, the guests meet in a steam bath. This is followed by brushing and lather massages.

A leather massage in a massage studio recreates the atmosphere that is very close to the one in a hammam. Communication takes place not so much with words, but rather by means of touch. There is also no steam bath, but instead a lot of foam, which is spread all over the body. Traditionally, the masseuses and masseurs dipped a small linen bag into a solution containing soap, blew into the bag to blow it up and then squeezed it, until big flakes of foam sailed down onto the guests' bodies. The massage guests disappear virtually completely under the lather. Then they are washed, massaged and stretched. The result is not only lasting relaxation, but also significantly more beautiful and cleaner skin. In the Hammam ritual the massage ends in a rest room, where the guests are offered tea.

The modern lather massage

To achieve the positive effects of a lather massage there is no need for a traditional Oriental bathing house, even though it offers a very special atmosphere. The most important part of a lather massage is the quality of the foam, which can unfold its cleaning and relaxing effects. Furthermore, the skilfully used techniques of the masseuses and masseurs are needed. The kneading, rubbing and pulling is used to spread the foam, to peel the skin and to relax the muscles. It is important that clients do not slide in the foam, because this can interrupt their relaxation. The masseuses and masseurs generally wear silk gloves for the massage. Furthermore, hot and cold infusions and a subsequent oil massage can be included in the massage. To end the relaxing massage the foam is gently removed by pouring water over the clients. This does not only serve cleaning purposes, it also brings the clients back into their everyday conscious life. Afterwards they feel lighter and freer. The thorough cleansing is like the small rebirth - with a fresh head and silky smooth skin.

There are many ways to create a lather massage, therefore any client's desires can be taken into account. The most important point is always the cleansing effects of the foam. It is important that it can be spread generously, therefore the foam bags must not be missing in a lather massage. Close your eyes, relax and enjoy when your full body is cleaned, peeled and massaged - a dream made off foam, a celebration for body, spirit and soul.