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Mutual Respect

Concept of our massages

Our priority is your indulgence. We strive to provide you with an unforgettable massage in impeccable surroundings. We will attend to your every need and envelop you in a feeling of emotional tenderness and physical closeness. 

As a rule our massages also include the stimulation of your genital area. Here, we use our imaginative and varied bodywork technique based on Far Eastern, tantric-Taoist principles. This type of massage is sexually stimulating and – depending on the intensity of the techniques used – can lead to everything from mild arousal to intense orgasm. Of course, should you so desire, we can also include a massage of your anus and/or prostate or G-spot. The focus of our massages is on your complete and lasting erotic enjoyment.

We offer two basic types of massages:

Wellness massages with genital massage:

Choose from our wide range of first-class wellness massages. This relaxing massage is rounded off by an erotic massage incorporating your genital area.

Body-to-body massages with genital massage:

A rollercoaster ride of feelings and emotions awaits you. After an initial relaxing massage component, your senses will be awakened by a sexually arousing body-to-body massage that will leave your body prickling with pleasure. To conclude your session, you will be spoiled with a stimulating massage of your genital area.

We would appreciate your understanding that all activity during the session is initiated by the masseuse/masseur. You are the recipient of the massage. The distribution of roles (who is massaging and who is being massaged) is thus clearly defined – as it is in any conventional massage. The pleasure of being able to lie back and relax into the passive role will help you feel at one with your emotions and thus promote a feeling of positive well-being. 

Our massages do not incorporate any sexual intercourse, oral sex or French kissing.